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Add New Fund


Fund Name is the name of the fund that you are adding to this provider.

Active indicates whether or not this fund is active or not.  The default is ticked to yes.

Cash Account indicates whether or not this fund is used as a cash account.

Currency is the currency of the fund.

Reporting Section indicates if this fund has a capital stable or growth.

Fund Sector indicates which fund sector this fund is used in.

Tax Sector indicates the tax sector for this fund.

Alert is a tick box to indicate whether or not there is an alert on this fund.  If this box is ticked to indicate there is an alert, the alert message (the next field) is shown during Reviews.

Alert Message is the message that is shown during Reviews for this fund.  This option is only used if alert (the previous field) is ticked.

Pricing Method, Price Feed, Price Feed Reference are only required when using certain OMNIMax pricing update services.

Apir Code is the Asian Pacific Code that is used to identify the correct data feed and recognise the investment.

Show Advanced Fund Information

This option extends the window, displaying more fields, which allows you to enter more advanced information about this fund.

This information is for your storage purposes only.