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Add Existing Funds

It is here that funds are added to the provider.

There are two ways to add new funds to your system.  The options are:
  1. Add New Fund allows you to enter into the system a fund that does not exist in the OMNIMax central database.

  2. Select from the available funds on the OMNIMax system allows you to add a fund that is listed on the OMNIMax central database to your own personal database.  All the funds in the selected provider are listed.  Use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page of funds to go to the next, previous, first or last page.

If the fund you a looking for is in a different provider, you can select a provider 

To select funds, click the Add Fund box next to each fund that you require.  Each fund ticked also requires the following information selected:

Sector is the fund sector.  

Tax Sector is the tax sector for this fund.  

Once you have added the funds you require to your system, click the Finish button at the bottom of the screen to continue.