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Fund Associations

In this screen the funds on your system can be associated with funds that are managed centrally by OMNIMax.

Ticker Code is the international code for each fund.  Each code is unique.  This code is used to identify your funds with individual fund information during downloads.

Associated With is the fund in OMNIMax that is associated with your fund.  You must use the search button to see a list of the possible options.  Select the fund you require from this list.

Once you have selected a fund, the fund you have selected is shown with the word Confirm on the right of the fund name.  You must click on Confirm to activate this fund selection.  When you do this the ticker box is cleared and the word Revert is shown in place of Confirm.  The Revert option allows you to revert your selection to the original settings.

Search is activated by selecting the search button.  The search can be done in two ways:
  • By leaving the ticker code field empty.  This results in the complete list of OMNIMax funds being shown.

  • By entering a few of the letters contained in the fund name or in the ticker code. This returns funds that contain the letters you have entered either in the fund name or in the ticker code.  This is a more effective way of performing the search.