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The income tab allows you to enter all current income source for the client.

You can add a new income source by clicking on "Add new income", edit an existing income source by clicking on the income description or delete a income by clicking on the X icon. 

Adding a new Income Source

You can add a new income source by clicking on "Add new income". A variety of income tabs will appear. In this example we will select "Net Salary Income".

Setting the Income Details
Name (optional) - an income name can be set to help you identify the Net Salary Income. If this field is left empty the income name will default to the income type.

Who is the income dependent on? - You can select a which person this income is dependent on, or if the income is not dependent on a person then select "Not dependent on an individual".

Amount - The amount of income (after tax).

Once you have finished setting up the income details then click on "Save" to add this income to the list, OR click on "Cancel" to exit without saving.