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The liabilities tab under resources allow you to build up a list of the client liabilities. These liability are used to give the Client's Net worth.

You can add a new liability by clicking on Add new liability, edit an existing resource by clicking on the Resource description or delete a resource by click on the X icon. 

Adding a new Liability

You can add a new liability by clicking on "Add new liability". A selection of liability will appear as shown below. In this example we will add a Credit Card outstanding balance.

Entering the Liability Details
Name (optional) - A name can be set to help to identify the Liability. This is an optional field. If it is left empty then the name of the liability type will be used.

Current Amount - This is the outstanding liability balance.

Annual Interest Rate - The interest rate that will be charged on the outstanding balance.

When you have finished entering the Liability details you can click on "Save" to save the details and return to the list, OR click on Cancel to exit without saving.