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Other Assets

Other asset, such as a house or a car, can be entered under the Other Assets section.

You can add a new other asset resource by clicking on Add new resource, edit an existing other asset resource by clicking on the Resource description or delete an other asset resource by clicking on the X icon. The G symbol at the left side of the screen indicated that the resource is used to fund the goals for the client. For more information on goals please see Setting up your client's goals.

Adding a new other asset

You can add a new "Other Asset" by click on the "Add new resource" link. The following options will appear which you are able to select from. In this example we will add a Residential Property.

1. Entering Asset details.

Name (optional) - You can set a name to help identify the asset. You can also leave this empty and the asset name will default to the chosen type.

Capital Value Amount - This is the current capital value of the asset.

Annual Capital Growth - A rate at which the asset will grow over time.

You can also set if and how this asset will be used to fund the goals. For example, some client's may which to sell a property to fund their retirement. There are three options available: -
  1. Fund all goals

    Selecting the "Fund all goals" option mean that the Asset can be used to fund any of your goals. Funding will occur in the priority order of the goals with the highest priority goal being funded first. For more information on goals please see Goals Dashboard.

  2. Fund on specific goal

    You can link the Asset directly to a specific goal by selecting the "Fund one specific goal" option. You can then set the specific goal by using the selection list on the right.

  3. Exclude from goals.

    You might also like to exclude the asset from funding any of the goals. You can do this by selected the "Exclude from goals" option. This is the default option for Other Assets.
You can also set when the asset becomes available to fund the goals. 

When you have finished enter the Other Asset detail click on "Save" to save the other asset and return to the Other Asset list OR click on Cancel to exit without saving.