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Add Correspondence

Subject is the title of the correspondence.

Template is the type of correspondence.  This is an option field.  The options will depend on what has been set up in Templates by your Master Advisor.  Examples of template would be:  letter or fax.

Microsoft Word is used for formatting the document.  The exact formatting options depend on how this particular template was set up.  The formatting options can include options such as:
  • The paragraph type.
  • The font type, size, colour, style and effects.
  • Text alignment and spacing.
  • Paragraph bullets and indentation.
  • Inserting the date, time, a table or an image.

Type the content of your correspondence.  Field codes are used to insert the actual information into the generated document.

Once you have typed up the correspondence, click the Save or Save As Draft button at the bottom of the screen to continue. Save As Draft allows you to edit this document whereas the Save button locks the document from any further editing. To exit this screen, without saving the information, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.