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Setting up your client's goals

The goals tab is where you setup all your client's financial goals. When you first setup goals for a client the following screen is shown. The most common goal types are shown by details. To view more goals types click on the "More..." link as shown by the red arrow below.

Adding A New Goal - You can add a new goal simply by clicking of the goal icon. In this example we will add a Retirement Living Expense goal.

Step 1 - Setting the Main goal details

Name (optional) - You can set a name to help identify the goal. By default it will be set to the goal type.

Amount (annual) - This is the cost of the goal in today's dollars. In the above example the amount is what is required on a yearly basis.

Inflation % - You can set an inflation rate to inflate the cost of this goal over time.

Step 2 - Setting the Goal Timeline - the goal timeline indicate when in the future will the goal occur. You can set this against factors, such as a year or a persons retirement age.

In the above example the goal started when Arjun retires and finishes when Arjun expires and repeats ever year. Retirement age and life expectancy is set on the Client Household page by clicking of the client details. Please see Client Household for more information.

When you having finished enter the goal information click on "Create" to create a new goal or "Cancel" to exit back to the goal list without saving.

Editing an existing goal

You are able to edit an existing goal by clicking on the goal description as shown below by the red arrow.

Changing the priority of a goal

You can change the priority of a goal by clicking on the red and green arrows. A number 1 goal is of the highest priority and will be funded first.

Deleting a goal

You can remove a goal by clicking on the X icon at the right hand of the goal list.

Once you have setup the goals you go to the Goals Dashboard for a quick analysis overview.