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Goals Dashboard

The goals dashboard shows an overview of all your client's goals along with analysis on the achievability of each. Before you have entered any goals a blank dashboard will be shown as pictured below. To enter your client's goals please click on the Goals tab as shown below by the red arrow.

...Once you have entered goals for your client the following dashboard analysis is shown.

The Current Goals Table shows you a list of the client's goal in priority order along with the Total Corpus Required to fund these goals. Please note the Projected Amount available column and the % Goal Funded will show as zero until you have added Resources to this client. The Goal Funding pie chart shows you overall what percentage of the client's goals are able to be funded.

NB: It is important to note that goals are funded by priority order, that is, a higher priority goal occurring in 20 years time will be funded in preference over a lower priority goal that is occurring next year.

To view more detail on how the Total Corpus Required is calculated simply click on the Calculator icon as shown below and you will be taken to a calculation worksheet.

A worksheet is then displayed showing how the total corpus required is calculated.

To view more information of the total analysis please click the calculator icon next to the total goals funded percentage.

A worksheet is then displayed showing of the total percentage of goals funded goal seek.

The amount shown is brackets shown the amount required to totally fund the goals as opposed to what was actually available at the time.

The goals dashboard also contains the following analysis charts.

Total Cost of Goals Chart

This chart shows a graphically representation of the cost of the goals over time taken into account inflation where appropriate.

Goal Funding Chart

This chart shows a graphically representation how much of the goal was able to be funded and whereabout the funding came from.

Resource Analysis Chart

This chart shows a graphically representation of the client's financial resources over time.