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Insurance Policies

The Insurance Policies tab allows all the existing insurance policies to be enter. These are then compared with the insurance needs analysis to work out what the insurance requirement is for the client.

You can add a new insurance policy by clicking on "Add new insurance policy", edit an existing insurance policy by clicking on the insurance name or delete an insurance policy by clicking on the X icon. 

Adding a new insurance policy

To add a new insurance policy click on the "Add new insurance policy" and a range of options will be shown. In this example we will add a Life Insurance policy.

Entering the Insurance Policy Details

Name (optional) - Name of the policy, this is optional and will default to the insurance type if left empty. 

Who does this insurance cover? - The name of the life insured.

Policy amount - The amount of existing insurance cover.

When the insurance policy details have been enter click on "Save" to return to the main list OR "Cancel" to exit without saving.