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Client Plan Details

Plan Name shows the plan that you are currently working on.  You can edit the plan details by click on the plan name.

Step 1

Available Plan Sections lists all the plan sections, allowing you to select the plan sections that you require to make a financial plan for this client.  The sections available are set up in Document Templates.  You can select any number of sections for the plan.  As each section is added a screen is displayed, asking for the specific information for that section.

A complete list of the available plan sections are: -

Example:  If you select the Cash Management - Asset Schedule Section, a screen is displayed that requires information about the client’s assets and liabilities.

Selected Plan Sections lists the sections as they are added to the plan.  All of these sections can be edited.

Step 2

Select Document Format is a selection field allowing you to select the format that this document must be generated in.  T

Click Generate to generate the plan into a document in the format that you specified.

Step 3

If you have purchased the invoicing feature you can create an invoice for the client. This will be based on the Fee which was entered on plan setup. This can be edited by clicking on the plan name at the top.

Lock Plan ensures that this plan cannot be altered in any way.  Only when the client has signed the plan off as being exactly what they want, should you lock the plan. This then moves the plan to the 'Completed Plan' section.


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