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Add New Plan

When you click on Add New Plan you can view all the different plan templates that you can use for your client. You are able to modify and setup new plan template under the Document Template section.

When you click on selected template you will be taken to either one of the plan setup pages as shown below.

Goal Based Plan Setup Screen

Traditional OMNIMax Plan Setup Screen

Document Type: This shows the document type that you have currently selected.

Plan Name: You can enter a name for the plan. This name will appear on the title page of your plan.

Plan Fee: If you are charging for this plan enter a fee in here. An invoice can be created for this plan at a later stage.

Plan in task bar: Selected this option will make the plan appear in the task bar on the left hand side of the screen.

Plan Sections (on Goal Based Plan Type Only): In the Goal Based Plan Type you will have a number of sections to choose from. Please select which sections that you would like to include in your plan.

Once you have finished entering the required information click on 'Next' to save and continue on with the plan OR click on 'Cancel' to exit the plan without saving.