Add Transactions

Transaction Date is the date that this transaction took place.  You can either enter the date in the format day/month/year, or you can use the calendar selection option by clicking the down arrow.

Transaction Status is a choice field.  The options are:
  • Active if this transaction has been confirmed.
  • Pending if you are waiting for confirmation of this transaction.

Transaction Type is a choice field.  The options are:
  • Contribution
  • Withdrawal
  • Opening Balance
  • Switch In
  • Switch Out
  • Income Reinvest
  • Income Distribution
  • Adjustment
  • Cash Bonus
  • Unit Bonus

Once you have selected a Transaction Type more fields are shown.

Amount can either be entered in Units or in Amount.  Select the option that you require and enter the transaction value in the corresponding box.  If an amount is entered, select the currency that the amount is in, from the drop down box.  For some transaction types, there is only the option to enter units.

When you have enter this information you can click the "Calculate" button to work out and enter the values for the Transaction Amount/s and for the Transaction Units.

Transaction Amount - this amount is based on the transaction value you entered, either for the amount or units.  If the transaction value is not in Indian Rupees, both currencies are calculated and shown.

Transaction Units - this value is based on the transaction value you entered.

Create Distribution - this is a tick box to indicate if a distribution amount needs to be shown.  If you tick this box, you must then select if the distribution should be entered before or after the transaction.  Before is the default.

Net Distribution Amount is the distribution amount after tax.

Gross Distribution Amount is the distribution amount before tax.

Withholding Tax is the tax amount.

Imputation Credits are the tax credits.

Miscellaneous are any other associated amounts, such as fees, etc.

Notes are personal notes made by you about this investment.

Once you have entered this information, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to continue.  To exit this screen, without saving the information, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.