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Portfolio Reports

The Reports section generates reports for the active portfolio.

Enter the date range that the report or reports are required for.  You can either enter the dates in the format day/month/year, or you can use the calendar selection option by clicking the down arrow.

There are two sections to select from.  

  1. The first section has three filter options for the report output.
    • Exclude Cash Accounts In Performance Reports (PP &  SS)
    • Sort by Reporting Category (PV & PP)
    • Include Pending Transactions (PV & PT & SS)

  2. The second section has 8 different report types.  Each report has a tick box next to it.  Click the box next to the report/s that you want to generate.
    • Portfolio Valuation
    • Portfolio Performance - Money-Weighted
    • Income Report
    • Capital Gain
    • Portfolio Transactions
    • Capital Contributions/Withdrawals
    • Insurance Schedule
    • Asset Allocation Report

Select the report format that you require.  This is a selection field.  The options are:
  • HTML
  • MSWord
  • CSV

When you have selected your date range, the reports you require and the report format, click Generate Report.  The report/s will be generated in the format that you specified.