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Portfolio Review

Once the portfolio template and review date have been entered, a screen is displayed, allowing you to start the actual review process for this portfolio review.

At the top of the screen is the Portfolio Review Name.  To view or edit this information, click on the date alongside the portfolio review name.  This option displays the document template and the date set for this review.

Step 1

Available Sections lists all the review sections that are available for this type of document template.  Click the Add button to select a section.  This activates the option to add a new review section.

Selected Portfolio Review Sections lists all the sections as they are added to the review.  Next to each review section are the options to View Details or to Delete Section.  These options can be used until the portfolio has been locked.  Click the option that you require.

Step 2

This step is where the review is generated into a document for you or the client.

Select Document Format is a selection field allowing you to select the format that this document must be generated in.  The options are:
  • MS Word
  • HTML

Click Generate to generate the plan into a document in the format that you specified.

Step 3

If you have the invoicing feature enabled you can then produce a review invoice for the client by clicking on the Create Invoice button.

Step 4

The Next Review Date is picked up in the portfolio information.  You can accept this date or change it.  To change this date, you can either enter the date in the format day/month/year, or you can use the calendar selection option by clicking the down arrow.

Click Submit Change to submit the new review date.

Locking the completed review.

This step is only performed when the review is complete, and the client has signed it off.  Click Lock Portfolio Review so that no more changes can be made to the review.