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Portfolio Investment Review - Step 2

The review balance is where adjustments are made, and the portfolio is compared to your portfolio recommendations.  This is done using the investment and research templates selected in the previous screen.

At the top right hand side of the screen is an option to Edit.  This option allows you to change the section name and the cash adjustment.

The screen is divided into the investment sectors: Each sector shows three groups of information:

  1. The investment fund or funds being used for each sector are compared to the investment template funds.  If a recommended fund is being used, a gold star is shown next to the investment.

  2. The investment values are compared to the research template.  This shows:

    • The current value that is invested in this portfolio.
    • The target (recommended) value that should be invested in this sector.
    • How this tallies up: balanced, underweight or overweight.
    • There is the option to Add New Fund.  Use this option to add a new investment fund to a sector

  3. The actual investment funds in this sector.  Listed next to each fund name is the total investment in this fund, how much has been withdrawn, how much income has been made, the number of units and the total current value.  There is also the option to Adjust.  Use this option to make changes to a fund.

Once you have performed the review and made the necessary changes, click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to continue.  The Portfolio Review Investment Notes screen will be invoked.