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Risk Questionnaire

From this screen you are able to set the appropriate risk profile for the client. A risk profile determines the client's attitude toward investing and can range from conservative to aggressive. This can be done either by answering a questionnaire OR setting the risk profiles manually. The first time you go to the risk profile tab for a client you will see the screenshot below.

You can set the risk profile via a scored questionnaire by clicking on the 'Set Risk Profile via Questionnaire' link. For more information about adding a risk profile via a questionnaire please go to Setting a Risk Profile Via a Questionnaire.

Or you can choose to set the risk profile manually by clicking on the 'Set Risk Profile Manually' link. For more information about adding a risk profile manually please go to Setting a Risk Profile Manually.

Once you have setup a risk profile the following dashboard will appear with information about the client's recommended asset allocation. In the example below the client's risk profile is set to 'Balanced' as indicated by the red arrows.

The client's risk profile can be updated at any stage simply by clicking on the current questionnaire OR you can override this questionnaire by adding a new one.

You can also view how the client's risk and return is calculated by clicking on the calculator icon as shown below.

Clicking of the calculator button will send you to a work sheet showing how the current risk and return profile has been derived from your current Sector Risk Return template and Research Template.