Setting a Risk Profile Via a Questionnaire

This page shows how OMNIMax can use a questionnaire to determine an appropriate risk profile for the client. OMNIMax can with a built in questionnaire, or you are able to add your own. Please see the Questionnaire Templates for more information on this.

The following page is shown when the 'Set Risk Profile via Questionnaire' link is clicked on the Risk Questionnaire page.

The questionnaire is then filled in. Please click on "Next" to move to the next screen.

The final screen is a results screen where you can view the calculated risk profile for the client.

You can also select the appropriate research template which should be used with this client. This is used then to determine the recommended asset allocation for this client.

Note - the research template selection box will only be shown if you have more than one Research Template setup.

Click on "Save" to confirm the selected profile or "Cancel" to exit without saving.