Document Sections

It is here that you enter the text for different sections of the document template.

The name of the template is shown with a right arrow to the left of the name.  To view the details of the template such as the name and header & footer information, click the arrow or the name.

On the right hand side of the name is the option to Edit.  This option allows you to edit the template name, the style used, the notes and the header and footer information.

Below the template name are the sections for the template.  The sections are automatically listed, depending on the document type selected in the previous screen.

On the right hand side of each section is the option to Edit.  This is where you create and modify the information that will be shown in the document that you are creating a template for.

On the left hand side of the screen is the Access area.  In this area you set up which advisors have access to this template.  The advisors are listed.  Click the box next to each advisor that is allowed access to this template.

Once you have entered this information, click the Update button below the list of advisors to save these changes.  To delete the changes that you have made to the advisors access list, click the Cancel button.

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