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Investment Templates

Investment Templates are the templates where your preferred investment funds are stored, with priorities about how investments should be setup.

The Investment Templates are an integral part of OMNIMax.  Used in combination with the Research Templates an infinite variety of investment selection outcomes can be achieved.

A range of investment templates can be developed to meet different investment themes.  Examples of this are: Standard Investments; Tax Paid Investments; Ethical Investments; or any pool of investments for a particular outcome.

Investment templates are used in:
  • The Investment section of the implementation plan, in conjuncture with Research Templates to build a desired investment outcome.
  • The Regular Savings section of an implementation plan.
  • Reviews, to compare the investment funds to see if recommended investment funds have been used.

This screen is shown when you select Investment Templates from the Templates drop down menu.

The templates are shown in alphabetical order.  Search for a specific template by entering the name in the search field.

The search facility is enhanced by using a Filter.  The filter allows you to specify whether All the templates are listed, or only the Active templates.

To create a new template, select either "Create Investment Template" or "Create Regular Savings Template'
  • Investment Template - This is used as a baseline for an investment portfolio.
  • Regular Savings Template - This is used as a baseline for a regular savings plan.

To view or edit the details of an existing template, select View Details or click the template name.  This takes you to the Investment Details screen, where you can make changes.