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Questionnaire Templates

Questionnaire Templates are the templates that you use to determine the level of risk that your client is prepared to endure.  This is done by creating questionnaires that your clients fill in.

The Questionnaire Template is a versatile and easy tool to use.

Questionnaire templates are used in the Risk Profile section under your clients.

This screen is shown when you select Questionnaire Templates from the Templates drop down menu.

The templates are shown in alphabetical order.  Search for a specific template by entering the name in the search field.

The search facility is enhanced by using the Status filter.  This allows you to specify whether All the templates are listed, only the Locked templates are listed, or only the Unlocked templates are listed.

To create a new template, select Add New Questionnaire Template.

To view or edit the details of an existing template, select View Details or click the template name.  This takes you to the Questionnaire Template Details screen, where you can make changes to the Questionnaire questionnaire.