Add Questionnaire Template

This screen is shown when you select Add New Questionnaire Template.

It is here that you can choose to duplicate another template, or if you are starting this template from scratch, you specify how many sections there are in the questionnaire.

The fields on this screen are discussed below:

Questionnaire Template Name is the name of the template that you are creating.

Duplicate a locked template allows you to copy an existing risk profile template.  This is a choice field.  The options listed here are any locked risk profile templates in the system.  The first option shown in the list is –-No Duplication--.  Select this option to create an entirely new template.

Number of Sections is the number of sections that there will be in the questionnaire.  You can select a minimum of one and a maximum of three sectors.

Questionnaire Template Description are personal comments made by you about this template.

Once you have entered the required information, click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to continue to the Risk Profile Template Section Edit screen.  To exit this screen, without saving the information, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.