Add / Edit Question

This screen is shown when you select to Add Question in the Risk Profile Template Details screen.

It is here that you create each individual question.  This is done by entering what the question is, the type of question that it is, the available answers to the question and the scoring for the answers.

The information on this screen is discussed below:

Question Text is the actual question that will be shown on the questionnaire.

Belongs to Section indicates which section this question belongs with.  If there is only one section in this template, that section will display by default.  If there is more than one question, the section that you were working in is shown.

Question Type determines how the answer options are presented to the person filling in this risk profile.  This is a choice field.  The options are Multi Choice or Scale.  The option selected here determines what the rest of the fields on this screen will be.

Once you have entered this information, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to continue.  To exit this screen, without saving the information, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.
Multi Choice

Multi Choice lists a selection of answers for the person doing the risk profile questionnaire.  Each answer is given a score value.  The score of the answer selected is added to the person’s final score.

When Multi Choice is selected as the question type, the Question Add screen is refreshed to include an area to add answer options.  These are the options that the person filling in the questionnaire is given to select from.

The individual answer options are added to the questionnaire in this area.  To add an answer option select Add Option.  Do this for as many options as there are.  An example is shown in the screen below:

Enter the text for this option in the text box below Option Text.  This is the actual text that will be displayed on the questionnaire for this option.

Enter the value that this option has in the box below Option Value.  This is the score value that this option is worth.

The arrows on the left hand side of the options allow you to change the sequence that the options are displayed in on the questionnaire.  Use the down arrow to move an option down and the up arrow to move an option up.

To remove an option completely, use the Delete option.

Scale shows the person doing the risk profile questionnaire a scale between two set values with a set number of options in between.  Each option has a value.  The point on the scale that the person selects as their answer, is the score added to the person’s final score.

When Scale is selected as the question type, the Question Add screen is refreshed to include an area with the scale details.  These are the options given to the client to select from. 

Starting Scale is the point where this scale is to start.  Most typically 1 or 0 will be entered, however any logical number can be entered.

Scale Length is the number of options on the scale.  A maximum of ten is allowed.  The reason for this is so that the scale can fit comfortably on the screen.