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Research Templates

Research Templates are the templates where your asset allocation information is stored.  This is done by entering a percentage for each type of fund sector (e.g. Cash Onshore, Cash Offshore, Fixed Interest Offshore, etc).  This indicates the ideal percent of the total investment that should be invested into each of these fund sectors.

This process is done for all the risk profiles.  The exact names of the risk profiles depend on your setup.  An example of the risk profiles are:
  • Low Growth
  • Medium Low Growth
  • Medium Growth
  • Medium High Growth
  • High Growth
When you setup a client’s Portfolio, you select which risk profile to use for that client.  The risk profile can be changed.

Research templates are used in:
  • The Investment section of Plans, in conjuncture with Investment Templates.
  • Reviews, to establish a sectors target amount.
This screen is shown when you select Research Templates from the Templates drop down menu.

The templates are shown in alphabetical order.  Search for a specific template by entering the name in the search field.
The search facility is enhanced by using a Filter.  The filter allows you to specify whether All the templates are listed, or only the Active templates.

To create a new template, select Add New Research Template.

To view or edit the details of an existing template, select View Details or click the template name.  This takes you to the Research Details screen, where you can make changes to any of the five risk profiles.

*Research Template in progress – the template will not be available for use until it is completed indicates that if a template has not been adequately completed, the template name will be shown in blue and an asterisk will be shown next to the template name.  This template must be completed before it can be used.