Research Details

This screen is shown when:
  • You selected to Add New Research Template completed the first set of information and clicked the Next button to continue to this screen.
  • You have selected to View Details of an existing template.
It is here that you enter the ideal percentage values for each type of fund sector (e.g. Cash Onshore, Cash Offshore, Fixed Interest Offshore, etc).  There is a folder for each of the five risk profiles.

The information on this screen is discussed below:

The fund sectors are listed with columns next to them to enter the ideal strategic and tactical percentages that each sector should have invested in it.  Enter a percent value for each type of fund sector.  A value must be entered for both the strategic and the tactical columns.  The Total at the bottom of each column keeps a running tally, allowing you to make sure that the total value of each column is 100%.

Once you have completed a risk profile (such as Low Growth), click the Update button to save these values.  You cannot update the risk profiles until both the strategic and the tactical totals are equal to 100%.

To do another risk profile, (such as Medium Low Growth) click the blue folder tab.  Move through each of the risk profiles in this manner.

On the top right hand side of the screen is the option to Edit Template.  This option allows you to edit the template name, whether or not the template is active, the template notes and text in this template.
On the left hand side of the screen is the Access area.  In this area you set up which advisors have access to this template.  The advisors are listed.  Click the box next to each advisor that is allowed access to this template.

Once you have entered this information, click the Update button below the list of advisors to save these changes.  To delete the changes that you have made to the advisors access list, click the Cancel button.

Once you have entered the values for all five risk profiles, and completed the advisors access, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save this as a completed functional template.  If you have not yet completed this template, but would like to end this session, click the Exit button at the bottom of this screen.  This will save the information that you have entered, but because the template is not yet complete you will not be able to use it.

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